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  1. Plural of possibility

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Possibilities is the forty-fifth studio album by American jazz musician and pianist Herbie Hancock, released in 2005 (see 2005 in music). The album features a variety of guest musicians such as John Mayer and Carlos Santana. It also earned him two Grammy Award nominations in 2006: "Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals" for "A Song for You" (shared with pop singer Christina Aguilera) and "Best Pop Instrumental Performance" for "Gelo na Montanha" (shared with rock singer-guitarist Trey Anastasio). A motion picture called "Herbie Hancock:Possibilities" depicts the recording of theis album in many different disscussions and preformances with the collaborating artists.

Track listing

  1. "Stitched Up" (featuring John Mayer) (Herbie Hancock, John Mayer) – 5:27
  2. "Safiatou" (featuring Santana and Angélique Kidjo) (Harold Alexander) – 5:25
  3. "A Song for You" (featuring Christina Aguilera) (Leon Russell) – 7:05
  4. "I Do It for Your Love" (featuring Paul Simon) (Paul Simon) – 5:58
  5. "Hush, Hush, Hush" (featuring Annie Lennox) (Paula Cole) – 4:46
  6. "Sister Moon" (featuring Sting) (Sting) – 6:54
  7. "When Love Comes to Town" (featuring Jonny Lang and Joss Stone) (Adam Clayton, David Evans, Larry Mullen, Jr., Paul Hewson) – 8:41
  8. "Don't Explain" (featuring Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan) (Arthur Herzog Jr., Billie Holiday) – 4:53
  9. "I Just Called to Say I Love You" (featuring Raul Midón) (Stevie Wonder) – 5:27
  10. "Gelo na Montanha" 1 (featuring Trey Anastasio) (Cyro Baptista, Herbie Hancock, Trey Anastasio) – 3:48
1 Portuguese for "Ice on the Mountain".


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